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Talcor’s Products in Malaysia
Talcor provides proven lubrication products and services in many industries to help minimize downtime and operating costs thus maximizing your bottom line profits.

Talcor’s specialty product range covers the following categories:
Talcor’s products with the most enquiries in Malaysia are specialty products for Open Gear Compounds and Greases. Currently, all products that we require are tailor made and delivered from Brisbane, Australia. Talcor is looking to set up a plant in Bangkok, Thailand to shorten the delivery lead time. With its strong team of field engineers, Talcor’s engineer in Bangkok supports the Malaysia market thru quarterly visits which includes plant inspections. Reports which include recommendations would then be provided to customers to minimize plant overhead and downtime.

In short, we also supply specialty products that not listed above, provide services like customize training to key accounts and advices like the right oil to be used. These additional values are only provided to our valuable customers.
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