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Diesel is produced from the fractional distillation of crude oil at the oil refineries. Diesel is used in various applications thru out many industries. This includes automotive diesel engines, marine boats, industrial boilers, generator sets and other industrial application.

Effective 1st September 2009, Malaysia introduced "EURO 2M diesel", where the sulphur content is at a maximum of 0.05%. This was an improvement from the maximum requirement of 0.3% previously. The reduction in sulphur content helps protects our equipments and also environment.

Another recent initiative by the Government was the introduction of "Biodiesel" in Malaysia. This has been rolled out in stages in the last few months, where it replaces the normal diesel at the Petrol Service Stations. Biodiesel in Malaysia consist of an approximate mixture of 95% diesel and balance 5% palm oil base products, and is commonly known as B5.

Diesel is commonly stored in skid tanks. To store diesel at any site, a storage license is required by the government. Applications can be done thru the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co- Operatives and Consumerism. From a safety aspect, it is also a requirement that storage tanks are to be bunded so that spills will be controlled and recovered. The capacity of bunding should be at least 110% volume of the largest storage tank.

Our company has been a distributor of Diesel since day one, i.e.1976. Being a distributor of several oil majors, we provide our customers supply consistency and continuity at all times. We can also provide our customers with very competitive prices from the various sources of supply.
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