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Lubricants are substances interposed between two surfaces in relative motion for the purpose of reducing the friction and/or the wear between them.

Caltex lubricants were derived from the manufacturing expertise of Chevron and the legacy of Texaco, two of the largest lubricant, coolant and fuel system additive manufacturers in the world. Both companies have since merged to be known as Chevron, with extensive know-how on a global scale under the Caltex Brand.

Talcor is a wholly owned Chevron - USA Company. Talcor develops, manufactures and markets “High Performance” Lubricants and “Specialized Lubrication Services” for Chevron, Caltex and Texaco operating markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Talcor mainly concentrates on Mining, Cement, Steel, Sugar, Marine, Pulp and Paper Industry.

Master Distributor for Caltex Lubricants in Malaysia
Our Lubricants are sourced from Chevron Malaysia Limited (formerly known as Caltex Oil Malaysia Limited), which owns the “CALTEX” Brand. To ensure product availability, we manage our own lubricant inventory and work closely with our principal Chevron in providing the best services to our customers. We assist our customers to achieve the benefits of long term cost savings by sharing with our customers all our lubricants experience and knowledge.

Master Distributor for TALCOR Lubricants in Malaysia
TALCOR specifically caters to the needs for specialized lubrication. TALCOR provides proven lubrication products and services in many industries to help minimize downtime and operating costs, whilst maximizing bottom line profit.


Talcor has its own Research & Development. Talcor’s laboratory facilities are capable of running tests in accordance with ASTM and DIN standards or Customized to simulate specific field applications.

As part of the Chevron Group, Talcor also has access to Chevron’s state of the art laboratories in Belgium and the United States.


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