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Diesel Engine Oils

Caltex Delo firmly establishes the worldwide benchmark for reliability in diesel engine lubrication. Chevron is committed in extensive R&D, ensuring that Caltex Delo continues to meet increasing demands for lubrication requirements of current and future engine designs. Caltex Delo products are formulated with ISOSYN® Technology which combines highly refined base oils and advanced additives to create products that rival synthetic lubricants in critical performance tests. Delo with ISOSYN® Technology provides extended service protection, maximizes engine durability, and minimizes operating costs.

- Delo 400 Multigrade 15W-40 (API CI-4 Plus)
- Delo Gold Ultra Multigrade 15W-40 (API CI-4)
- Delo Gold Multigrade 15W-40 (API CH-4)
- Delo Silver Multigrade 15W-40 (API CF-4)
- Delo Silver Multigrade 20W-50 (API CF-4)
- Delo Silver SAE 10W (API CF)
- Delo Silver SAE 30 (API CF)
- Delo Silver SAE 40 (API CF)
- Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40 (API CJ-4)
- Star Marine 500 SAE 20W 50
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