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Value added services

Lubrication Management
Typical lubrication management includes:
  • On Site Service support
    • Trouble shooting and problem-solving on site
    • On site inspection for critical equipment to ensure reliability
    • Lubrication plant survey or plant assessment
    • Lubricant and application recommendation by on site service engineers
    • Automatic lubrication system inspection and advice
  • Training and knowledge
    • Product knowledge, oil sampling process, used oil report interpretation, auto-lube system operation, filtration, drain intervals optimization and lubricants rationalization

Used Oil Analysis Service Details
Used Oil Analysis is an early warning system capable of providing a continuous profile of a lubricant's current condition, plus valuable insights into the health of the equipment itself.

  • Early warning or prediction of equipment malfunction or failure
  • Maximized oil drain periods
  • Assurance that the correct lubricants are being used
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased machinery value

Using regular oil sample analysis, Chevron Used Oil Analysis generates easily understood tables of oil test results to which comments about equipment and lubricant condition are attached. Oil condition trends are plotted in graphical format, and a simple-to-read report is produced.

Overall Cost Effectiveness
All customers inevitably seek cost-reducing propositions from suppliers. Typically this is achieved through discounts on purchase prices. By contrast, Chevron lubricants, being relatively expensive in terms of RM/Kg or RM/Liter, are sold under the theme of “value adding”, which we believe serves better purposes than mere discounts.

Our model considers the total operating costs. In other words, these are expressed in RM/ hour by incorporating such factors as competitive Lubricant price, reduced consumption, extended component life, and reduced downtime and disposal costs. By increasing overall cost effectiveness, higher net profit margins can be attained.

Chevron offers the commitment and advantages of Reliability-Based Lubrication (RBLTM), through a powerful combination of industry knowledge, targeted products, and customized services. Together, we work with you to establish a lubrication program that will help run your equipment reliably, your work sites efficiently and your business more profitably.
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