Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


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Under normal circumstances, for fuel deliveries, if you order during weekdays by 12 PM, the product should reach your site by 5 PM the following day. For lubricant deliveries to Klang Valley, you should receive your products within 3 business days from the order date, and other than Klang Valley, within 5 business days, subject to stock availability. We also deliver during public holidays and weekends.
Our company’s working hours are Mondays to Fridays 8 AM – 5 PM, and Saturdays 8 AM – 1 PM. After office hours, please direct your enquiries to the Sales Personnel in charge. We are more than willing to assist you.

1) Contact us via telephone, email or WhatsApp us at 03-62593668 with details of the products which you are interested in

2) Our Sales Personnel will then contact your good self to get more details about your requirements and/or arrange an appointment with you on a prompt basis

For fuels, we source our products directly from several oil companies to ensure that our prices are competitive. For lubricants, we are a “Master Distributor” for Chevron Malaysia Limited (Caltex lubricants) with lubricant products of the highest quality. To determine the actual cost involved for lubricants, overall factors should be considered, including downtime and maintenance costs, rather than just comparing prices per liter of various brands.

For Diesel

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In Malaysia, Biodiesel is a type of diesel which is mixed with a certain % of a vegetable oil. Currently the vegetable oil being mixed is palm oil.
The main difference is the content of palm oil in the biodiesel. B0 contains 0 % palm oil, B7 contains 7 % palm oil and B10 contains 10 % palm oil.
The Malaysian Government has made it mandatory for B10 biodiesel to be sold at petrol stations since 1st February 2019. However B7 biodiesel is an optional product for a petrol station.
The Malaysian Government has made it mandatory for Industry or Commercial Sector to only use B7 biodiesel. However at the moment those in power plant, marine bunkering, standby gensets and fire water pump are exempted from this regulation. This is governed by “Akta Industri Biobahan Api Malaysia 2007 ( Akta 666)”.
For inland equipments/ machineries which might be sensitive to B7 biodiesel, you could try to apply with the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) for an exemption. It is recommended that such application is also supported with strong technical justification from your OEM.
Please ensure that there is an Original Delivery Order (DO) from a Major Oil Company before accepting the diesel delivery. “B7” Euro 5 diesel will be clearly stated in this DO. It is also very important to check that the seal numbers stated in this Oil Company DO matches the actual seal numbers at the truck.
Euro 5 Diesel refers to either the fuel or emission standard introduced by European Commission to promote cleaner environment. As it meets global Euro 5 standards, it is also friendly to the environment and significantly reduced harmful emissions
Potential benefits as below:

  • Cleaner fuel injectors
  • Better protection for rust
  • Anti foam for faster & cleaner refuel
  • Better fuel economy

For Lubricants

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Lubricants are often exposed to severe conditions while in use, such as extreme temperatures that necessitate that the lubricants remain in a fluid state even at these extreme temperatures. These conditions can cause degradation of the lubricant and damage to the metal surfaces through wear and corrosion.

Quality lubricants have an important role in the cost management of machines and engines. Proper lubrication ensures extended life span of the equipment and will minimize maintenance costs. To achieve these targets the lubricants must provide metal surface protection (wear inhibition and rust prevention), and cooling over a wide range of temperatures.

Most importantly, we need to apply the right oil at the right place, right time and for the right amount.

We need to give our machine or engine the best protection to extend its lifespan. We should compare lubricants in terms of their benefits to the machine or engine for the long term. Cost does matter, however cheap lubricants without enough protection will increase your repair frequency and downtime in the long run. Expensive lubricants might also not be necessary, and would depend on the requirements of the machine. We always advise our customers to use lubricants which at least meets the OEM advice.

Cost savings benefit calculator (example):

Brand A Brand B
Cost of Lubricants RM X RM X+100
Running hours 500 600
Running KM 12000 14400

If X is RM 1000, then Brand B is 10% more expensive than Brand A. However, Brand B has a 20% longer life span than Brand A. At first glance, we believe Brand A is cheaper, but after a detailed comparison Brand B is cheaper due to its longer oil drain period.

This is a simple example that excludes the repair costs, spare part costs and downtime costs.

Order Lubricants Online

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Yes we do offer this for certain packaging size. Please do visit to our online store in Shopee or Lazada.

Below is our Lazada’s Website QR link :

For Shopee: Chop Yew Lee Petroleum Sdn Bhd, Online Shop | Shopee Malaysia

However if you decide to self-collect the products, you could call us and arrange a suitable timing. For this we are only able to accept online transfer or Cash payment.

For Bitumen

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Bitumen penetration grade 60/70 means the penetration value is in the range 60 to 70 at standard test conditions which is commonly used as a Paving Grade.
Bitumen is commonly used in the production of hot mix asphalt for bases and pavements and for road construction. Bitumen has excellent water-proofing properties and is widely used for making roofing products along with a range of other household and industrial applications.
We use road tankers to transport bitumen from the Oil Terminals to a customer’s site. Our common tanker size ranges from 20MT to 32 MT.
This depends on the site location and the oil terminal where we load the bitumen. In general if you order today for a site which is not that far from the oil terminal, then we will reach tomorrow. If the distance is further then we will reach the day after.

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